I Do

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I Do by Pearl Barrett

Standing there, fighting those happy tears
In my white dress, my heart beating in my ears
There you were waiting for me
And the love in your eyes was all I could see.

I took that walk, your love it was drawing me
To your side, where I knew I was meant to be
Though my voice choked up now and then
I meant every word when I said…

I do promise to love you
I do, take you for my husband
I do, richer or poorer, whatever God may give
I will forsake all others
I will cherish you my beloved
I will make you this pledge as long as we both shall live
I do.

Now you wait, wondering what I will say
If I could go back, would I do it all over again?
Don’t you know I’m still crazy for you
So believe me again when I tell you…


For better or worse I’ll stand by you,
Sickness or health I will hold you,
I’m not gonna let go, I’ll cling ‘till
Our whole lives are through.


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