This Is Our Road

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This is our Road by Pearl Barrett

We had so many dreams; you and I together we’d live them
But what turned out to be is not quite the way we had planned
Your big break never came and I never got my maid
But we learned to love in that little trailer home
The eyes of our first child, the way they made you smile
So many reasons to make our love grow strong.

This is our road,
There were turns that we never saw coming
But I wouldn’t trade a mile, my darling,
This is our road!
And the journey hasn’t always been easy
But we have so many beautiful memories,
On we will go, this our road.

Every morning you drive away
With that serious look that never used to be there,
But we’ve got bills to pay
And that’s a burden that is yours to bear
I fight the laundry room, have your supper waiting for you,
The children need their mother here at home,
We’re both tired at night but we hold each other tight
And we thank the Lord for these blessings he’s bestowed.



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