It's You

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It’s You by Serene Allison

I never saw these places before
Until the day when you opened the door,
After the rain came
You pulled me deep to shelter me from the pain.

I never heard the song of your soul
Until the night when its tune played me whole
After the hurricane
A new river flowed and it sailed me away.

And it’s you, inside out
After the storm has blown
You’re my rainbow
With colors I’ve not known
And it’s you, stronger still
After the mountain climb
You’re my guide
On the other side of you.

I never read so many words in one touch
Just a look can teach me so much
After the earthquake hit
It shook my doubting floor and now I firmly sit.

I never thought after all the years we’ve had
I’d just be learning the clue to your treasure map
After the tornado spun it blew your masquerade
But you’re better now you undone.


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