12. Keep your home surroundings tidy.

I believe it is a good thing for a home-loving wife to have a husband who does his best to keep the exterior of his house clean, repaired, painted, and tidy. He should keep the lawns mowed and organize his family to assist in regular clean-ups. He does this primarily to bless his wife.

When God planted a garden for Adam and Eve, He called the garden "Eden" meaning "delight."

I am sure that Eve was blessed with absolutely beautiful surroundings. All Adam had to do was to tend to it and keep it beautiful and delightful.

I am not saying that men have to provide a mansion for their wife, but they should make the most of whatever they can afford for the sake of their wife. You wife should not have to live in a house surrounded by old junk cars, nothing put away tidily, heaps of mess everywhere, things not repaired, and the lawns unmowed.

God did not intend that Eve should live this way for He planted a garden that would delight the first stay-at-home mother.

Each husband should try his best to provide a delightful setting for his wife and family.

Love your wife by doing your best to keep your surroundings tidy.

Be encouraged. Colin
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