13. Make your wife's life easier by picking up after yourself.

Do not expect you wife to pick up after you all the time. I am sure that picking up after you was not in the marriage agreement. Unfortunately, some husbands expect their wives to run around behind them and pick up their dirty plates, cups, papers, and mess.

Men, when you get out of your dirty shirts, socks, and underwear, etc., pick them up and put them where they should go--in a bin or basket where your wife can easily take them to the laundry. Try to keep your part of the bedroom tidy. Hang up your clothes.

Help clear the table after the meal is ended. It will not do you any harm to sweep the floor. If your children are not yet old enough to wash the dishes, lend a hand.

Although it is your wife's primary responsibility to keep the home clean, tidy, and in order, do not ever let her feel that she is your slave or servant.

Make sure that your children do the chores they are assigned to do in order to make things easier for your wife. Do not overdo the excuse that you are too tired to help. Remember, she also gets tired and her work is never ended.

Be encouraged. Colin
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