11. If it all possible, prepare a garden for her.

A little bit of manly work of digging and weeding will do a man no harm.

Read up on how to make a really good vegetable garden. It will keep you and your whole family more down to earth. It will save you lots of money. It will also provide you with lots of healthy nutritious organic food to feed your growing family.

Encourage your growing children to get involved and your wife will love to be involved with the planting. If you grow more than enough, you will be able to bless your friends. Or, your children could set up a roadside stall and sell the surplus.

If you have the right attitude about it, it can be a lot of fun.

I also like to grow beautiful flowers near my wife's office window so they can bring joy to her heart. Your wife at home will be greatly blessed if you provide some nice flower gardens for her, too. A woman needs flowers, and a husband needs a happy and contented wife. Flowers will help.

The first home was in the midst of a garden (Genesis 2:8).

Even in the difficult times of captivity God told His people to build houses and plant gardens and eat the fruit of them: (Jeremiah 29:5).

Be encouraged. Colin
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