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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

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StandingLifeYou can see the drawings or watch the YouTube. Clink on the links below:

Dear Reader, forgive me, I know these illustrations are horrific, but we cannot put our heads in the sand. We cannot stand idly by while babies are murdered in such a horrific way, and lawfully up until the time of birth.

Our God is a God of life. He creates every precious new life that is conceived. He loves each new life. He has plans and destiny for each special life (Psalm 139:13-16). And these lives are eternal.

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of life. If we belong to the kingdom of God we must stand on the side of life. If we do not cringe and cry at the devastation of life in the womb in this way, we belong to the kingdom of darkness which hates life.

We must stand against the candidate, Hilary Clinton, who unashamedly promotes the murdering of babies in this way, right up until the birth of the baby. We must do everything in our power to stop her anti-life agenda.

~ Nancy Campbell


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BeStrong2Even when it’s hard to be strong for ourselves, we must be strong for our children and others around us.

When Joab (the captain of King David’s army) faced a mighty battle with the Ammonites he said to his warriors: “Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God” (2 Samuel 10:12). The phrase “play the men” means “to be courageous, valiant, to conquer.” The word is used mostly in the context of battle.

Do you notice that Joab encouraged his men to be strong and courageous, not just for themselves, but “FOR OUR PEOPLE, AND FOR THE CITIES OF OUR GOD”?

God is with you, dear mother. Even when you feel week in yourself, you can call on God’s strength in the battle. He is with you. He is the One who gives you courage. And He gives you courage to be strong for your family.

I believe we are in a time when we not only have to be strong for our families, but for our cities, and our nation! We must stand strong for righteousness. We must stand strong for the life of the unborn. We must be courageous to oppose all evil, even in the face of ridicule.

We must be strong at this election time to vote for righteousness. In this coming election I am not voting FOR someone as much as I am voting AGAINST! Because I belong to the kingdom of God which is a kingdom of righteousness, a kingdom of light, and a kingdom of life, I must oppose all evil and everything that seeks to destroy life. I am not warring against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Therefore, I will vote against the candidate who brashly believes that babies should be aborted even one day before they are born, because they are still in the womb. I am voting against the shutting down of the Christian voice in the nation and the candidate who believes that Christians and evangelicals will need to change their thinking to all that is unbiblical and against God.

Let’s be courageous in this hour, not just for ourselves, but for your children, our children’s children, and the destiny of this nation.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

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CornerstoneHomeThe other day I wrote a post, A MANLY THING, about young men being ready to take responsibility in marriage. I can’t leave out the young women. It’s important for them to be prepared also. As with the men, many young women today have rarely held a baby. They know nothing about motherhood or managing a home. They have spent most of their life at school, college, and even partying. They have not been prepared mentally for the embracing of children or establishing a home.

They fall in love and “eventually “get married, but have no thought of having children. That’s something in the far distant future. This is not God’s plan. The first words He spoke to the first married couple were “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth.” If a couple are not ready to embrace children, they are not ready for marriage. They are still immature and irresponsible.

Wow, that’s a statement most people won’t like today.

They think they are responsible by waiting until they have “all their ducks in a row” and are financially successfully before they could have children. But that depends whether you are depending upon yourself or upon God. That depends whether you have a humanistic worldview or a biblical worldview.

The Bible tells us that when He sends a child, that He will provide. Of course, we don’t know when God will give us a baby. It’s not a given that it will happen right away. We don’t know whether God will give us only one or two or maybe ten, but that’s His prerogative. If we walk with the Lord, we walk by faith and trust in His absolute sovereignty. It comes down to this fact: we either trust in our own resources or in God’s sovereignty and His resources which never fail.

Plus, there is nothing like the addition of children to mature a young man and woman. They grow up overnight (unless they are steeped in deception and demanding their own way rather than yielding to the will of God).

Psalm 144:12 tells us that our daughters are to be like the cornerstones of a palace. A cornerstone is the one that forms the very foundation of a building. It is the mainstay. When our daughters marry and begin establishing a home, they are the very core, heart, backbone, and bedrock of the home. If they haven’t been trained to manage a home and embrace and care for children, how will they cope? Many times they don’t.

And if we don’t have mothers as the cornerstone of their homes, how will our homes become the strength of the nation? Godly homes are the strength and stability of a nation. Marriages and homes that are fragmented and falling apart weaken the nation.

Are you raising cornerstones?

Love from Nancy Campbell

Picture: Shelby and Josiah at their wedding rehearsal. Yes, they are both always holding babies, any time you see them, at their rehearsal, and even on their wedding day.

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MotherLeaderYou are not insignificant, dear mother. God has chosen you to lead your children into their destiny and all that God has planned for them. Rise up into your calling.

~ Nancy

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ManlyThingOn Sunday we enjoyed another family wedding—Josiah and Shelby. It is so wonderful to observe Josiah and his love for babies and children (he himself is the oldest of 11 children).

At their rehearsal Josiah and Shelby were both constantly holding babies. And on their wedding day, even though Josiah was enamored with his beautiful bride, he constantly sought out little babies to cuddle. During the speeches at the end of the day little Remmy (Serene’s baby) began crawling along the floor. I observed that immediately Josiah got down behind the chair and peeked out behind it to get Remmy’s eye and play with him. He can’t help himself.

During the bride and groom dance, Josiah’s little sister came and danced all around them and they loved it.

This is such a beautiful thing to me. And such a manly thing. So many young men today would not even have the time of day to notice a baby, especially on their wedding day. Sadly, they have been raised in a humanistic society that doesn’t embrace children. They don’t know anything about babies or raising children. They have been raised in two-child families where they have not had the privilege of little ones around them and don’t know how to relate to them.

Josiah and Shelby are a young couple. But they are ready. Josiah is ready to take on providing for his wife and a family as they come along. They are both ready to embrace family, and as soon as possible. This is true manhood. This is God’s plan from the very beginning of time. He didn’t intend men to amble along in their single estate for years and years. He purposes for men to get married, take on their manly responsibility, and embrace children.

Let’s raise sons who are real men.

Love from Nancy Campbell

Picture: Josiah cuddling Ezzie (Rashida’s baby) on his wedding day.

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