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Above Rubies Daily Encouragement Blogs

Through the weekly and daily devotionals you can be constantly encouraged in your great role of parenting, the highest career in the nation. You can also stay updated on what's happening with the Above Rubies ministry.

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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.


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Here is a poem for your sons to read, or even better, to learn:

guardyourlifeGUARD YOUR LIFE--Body, Soul and Spirit!

Keep yourself pure, spirit, body and soul,
And keep your mind absolutely whole!
If a bad thought creeps in, send it flying!
It will save you heartache and lots of crying.

If you resist the devil, he will surely run
And you’ll have victory in the name of God’s Son,
The name that has power to conquer all sin,
Confess His name and send evil for a spin!

God promises to help you keep your mind clean
When from God’s Word you read and glean.
As you fill your mind with God’s Word every day
There will be no room for the devil to stay!

Remember to pray! You can’t live without prayer,
It should be as familiar as breathing air!
Prayer brings the victory and wins the day
When temptations come along the way.

Never stay on the fence, choose what is right,
Choose what is holy in God’s sight,
Hate what is evil, love what is pure
And no matter what, you will endure!

~ Nancy Campbell

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men of courageWhat a privilege, and yet great RESPONSIBILITY to raise sons. We are raising them to be family leaders. Many of them will also be leaders of organizations, communities, churches, and even strategic positions in the nation. To us is given this great privilege of training them.

But God doesn't leave us floundering. He shows us how He wants us to do it. 1 John 2:14 gives a picture of what young men are to be like: "I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one." The inspired Word of God lists three things we must impart to our sons:


We have a responsibility to not only raise them to be strong physically, but courageous to face challenges and battles, valiant in their convictions, bold to contend for the faith, and ready to take responsibility and leadership. Men are often encouraged to Man Up. The Bible calls it PLAY THE MAN! In 2 Samuel 10:12 Joab inspires his soldiers, "Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God."

Sons were born to take risks, to go out and forge new trails, to explore, and pursue new ways of doing things either on the land, in business, in the ministry, or whatever. As doting mothers, we have to take our hands off as our sons as they get a little older and let them take risks. I can remember having my heart in my mouth hundreds of times as my sons grew to manhood. But if we are continually say, "Don't jump off that, it's too high!" Or "Don't climb that tree, you'll hurt yourself," and so on, they grow up wimps instead of courageous young men prepared to pioneer new trails for God or new inventions (even if they fail). And they will fail many times. There is no successful person who has not failed many times before they became successful.


They will become stronger and stronger as they learn to know the Word, confess the Word, and stand upon it. Organizing the routine of your home to make sure you have Family Devotions morning and evening with your children is a powerful way to ensure they are daily filled with God's Word (Colossians 3:16).


We must teach them the principles of overcoming. How to overcome temptation in this evil world; how to say no to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the yes, and the pride of life; and how to be victorious over their thought life and the strongholds of Satan (2 Corinthians 10:3-6).

Go to my posts below on overcoming to read more of these "how to principles": WHO ARE THE OVERCOMERS?, A SWEEPING VICTORY, and OVERCOMING DAILY.

Blessings to you today,

Nancy Campbell

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sword drillsDo any of you remember doing Sword Drill as a child? I used to do it when I was a child and then I did it with my children as they were growing up. It's a great way to help them get used to looking up Scriptures and finding their way around the Bible. They love it.

I used to get all the children stand in a line with their Bibles on their heads and hands by their sides (that's good posture practice)! Or you could do it as in the picture, or get them to hold up their Bible like a sword. I call out a reference (e.g. 1 Timothy 3:16) and say, "Get set, r-e-a-d-y, GO." Or you could use the word, "CHARGE!" They immediately grab their Bible and look for the Scripture. The first one to find it reads it out loud. It 's good to give some references from the Old Testament and some from the New.

Have fun teaching your children to use to use the "sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Ephesians 6:17).

Love from Nancy

Posted by on in Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

ReadTheWordSerene and the children stayed with us last night seeing Sam is away in China at present. As Serene read her Bible this morning she commented, "I used to read my Bible on my iPhone, but I now like to use my Bible. When they see me on my iPhone, they automatically think I am working on Trim Healthy Mama or doing research, but I want them to see that I love the Word and it is my sustenance and wisdom for the day."

Most mornings at our home we have great theological discussion, and often on other subjects, too. This morning this topic became our discussion. I agreed with Serene. Now that most people have the Bible downloaded on their iPhones or iPads, they don't need to pick up their Bible. I feel sad about that. Yes, I have the Bible downloaded on my iPad. I love it. On my King James Bible download I can click on any word and it takes me to the Hebrew or Greek word and also gives me every other place where that same word is used. Most informative. Did you know that sometimes there are 20, 50, or even 100 or more different words translated in the English from the same Hebrew or Greek word?

I also have many other translations downloaded and although I read the King James Bible, I love to refer to other translations.

But I like to use these helps alongside my Bible. I like to hold my Bible. I love my Bible. When I go to church, I take my Bible and my iPad. I follow the Scriptures in my Bible, but can refer to a word on my iPad that I would like more understanding about. I feel sad that it is rare for people to carry their Bible to church these days. Even most preachers preach from their iPhones. I'm certainly not against this, but I love to see the Bible open. There is something about it!

And can I let you in on a secret? I often feel disconcerted when people open their iPhones when I am speaking. I can never be sure if they are really following the Scriptures or if they are just checking their emails. Sadly, I have noticed women texting! Can you imagine how distracting that is? It can just about make you forget what you are saying!

Serene went on to say that her husband, Sam, reads the Bible on his phone. However, when he was away doing contracts, the guys would all play games on their phones. Although Sam was reading the Word, they most probably thought he was playing along just like them. He didn't want them to think this, so purchased a little pocket New Testament to read during those lunch hours.

The Bible is a testimony! I like to read it when flying. People get convicted seeing someone reading the Bible. They don't get convicted by iPhones.

I am not sharing these thoughts as law--just how I feel about it. If you joined our morning or any other time discussions in our home, you would soon find that we don't all agree. We all love to share our convictions as this is what sharpens one another. My husband constantly says, "We don't have to agree with one another, but we do have to love one another."

Love from Nancy

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Overcometh the WorldAs we discuss together how to overcome difficulties and tribulations in our lives, I would like to list for you the Scriptural principles. Isn't it wonderful how God always gives the answers for everything we experience in our lives? And God's kingdom principles work. They are usually the opposite to how we would respond in our fleshly nature, but they are the victory principles.

1. WE OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD (Revelation 12:11). We cannot overcome the devil, or our tribulations, without being covered by the precious blood of Jesus. We must be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb--we cannot have salvation any other way. We must constantly plead the cleansing, healing, and powerful blood of Jesus over our lives and the lives of each one in our family.

2. WE OVERCOME BY THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY (Revelation 12:11). Our Christian life is a confession. We are born again by not only believing, but confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 10:9-10). We continue our walk with Christ by holding fast to our confession (Hebrews 10:23). We will never give up our confession, even in the face of persecution. We have no victory of our own, except confessing our victory through Christ, the Conqueror who dwells within us.

3. WE OVERCOME BY BEING WILLING TO GIVE UP OUR LIVES FOR THE GOSPEL Revelation 12:11). Overcomers are radical for God. The halfhearted will succumb to temptation.

4. WE OVERCOME BY KNOWING THAT CHRIST WHO LIVES IN US IS GREATER THAN ANYTHING WE FACE IN THIS WORLD (1 John 4:4). "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because GREATER IS HE that is in you, than he that is in the world." And, "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil" (1 John 3:8).

5. WE OVERCOME BY NOT VACILLATING. We cannot overcome if we are not totally persuaded, assured, and confident of our faith in Jesus Christ and His blood to redeem us, and in the infallible and immutable truths of the Word of God. The devil can easily knock us down when we are tossed to and fro by what this or that person says. We cannot overcome in our circumstances if we are not totally versed in, and assured of, the promises of God.

1 John 5:4 says, "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." The word faith is "pistos" and means "confident in divine truths, being persuaded and faithful to the truth."

Dear precious mothers, let's walk in these principles and teach our children how to walk in them. We have a responsibility to teach them to be overcomers. We must teach them how to overcome sin and temptation; how to overcome the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life; and how to overcome self-pity and the "poor me" attitude when things don't go their own way, or when they face problems.

We teach them mostly by our example (how they see us react to difficulties in our lives), and by richly filling them with God's truth.

Have a wonderful OVERCOMING DAY.

I send blessings to you today,

Nancy Campbell

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