Peace All Over Me

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You may identify with this song if you’ve ever had one of those days where chaos seems to be the order of the day. I have quite a few days like that, but I know the answer lies in pouring my cries out to the Lord and asking him for His peace.

In myself, I can be quite a worrisome and stressful person, but I know I can put on the mind of Christ and He is my Prince of Peace.

We wanted to call this album, Peace All Over Me because that is our fervent desire, that God will pervade our homes with His presence and that somehow His peace and assurance will be imparted through these songs.

Pearl Barrett


He’s two and she’s five

And they’re so full of life

But I’ve taken it out on them.

There’s a pattern here

That I seem to wear

When the walls start pushing me in.

Seems No’s the only word they’ve heard all day

And I’d like to begin again.

But here I am, it’s 3 pm, and I’m calling for your strength.


Pour your peace all over me,

Bathe me in serenity,

Fill me; quench me, be my all,

The One on whom my burdens fall.

Pour your peace all over me,

Take all my anxiety,

Hold me, heal me, be the wind

That breathes the life in me again.

I know that you wait

And you’re willing to take

All of my burdens on you.

Though I sense that you’re there,

I clutch my despair

And continue to rush on through.

Oh Prince of Peace, help me to see

You’re the first one I need to run to.

But here I am, it’s 3 pm, and I’m calling on your strength.


These moments with you are refreshing, Lord,

Why did I wait to so long?

Now you’ve changed my perspective, Lord,

Your comfort is now my song.



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