El Shaddai

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Pearl and I have been to many of our mother’s retreats and seminars and have heard our mother speaking about motherhood from the cradle onwards.  We are never bored with her message and always come home more refreshed each time. Each time she shares another beacon of truth it lights a foggy path in my mind.

The one thing that always leaves an impression on me is when she speaks on the words El Shaddai, which literally means the mother heart of God, or the breast of God.  Motherhood originated in God’s heart and He has placed his nurturing love in every woman. We are made to mother, to nurture, and to touch the world with the tenderness that originates in God’s heart.

Motherhood… what a beautiful design!

Serene Allison


Slumber pulls the shades on sleepy eyes,

Lashes rest on ruby cheeks,

We rock in time.

I want to linger here

And bask in sweet reflections thankfully.

Joy sublime.

Feelings flood, thoughts seem to dance

With love and pure delight,

It comes so naturally to be the mother of this child.


El Shaddai, in Your image am I,

El Shaddai, Creator of the Lullaby.

Deep within your heart You hold the source

For everything that’s tender,

Soft and kind.

To caress the world the world with warm affection

You thought of a mother -

Beautiful design.

And as I hold this baby in my arms

I’m like a picture of You

To nurture with your love is what you made me to do.


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