Motherhood has many seasons, each with new challenges. Just as we adjust to one season, a new one emerges. The baby grows, a new baby comes, a toddler becomes a child ready for school, a tween becomes a teen, a high school student graduates, a college student studies, a young adult needs direction, a wedding to plan, a grandbaby or 2. Life is so fluid, and often we forget how transient each season really is. "Normal" family life is forever re-adjusting, and we do well to continually embrace the 'new normals' that present themselves. Sometimes there is a season that allows for a more orderly home, sometimes there is a season that does not. Both are seasons, both are normal and both are good. Embrace whatever season you are in whole-heartedly and get every great memory you can out out if. Before you know it, it will be gone and a new one begun. Love Michelle +1

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