One of the Scriptures my husband read at Family Devotions Saturday morning was Psalm 119:97, "O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day." Colin loves to ask questions at Family Devotions and asked, "How can we meditate in the Word all the day long?" At first, no one had a good answer as to how we could do this in the midst of a busy day with so many things to do. God wants us to work hard six days a week. He wants us to build houses, plant gardens and tend to them, have children and care for them, and "subdue and take dominion" (Jeremiah 29:4-6; Genesis 1:28). That's a lot of work! How can you meditate while you are doing all this?

Serene and the children were with us and she answered, "By sowing it into the framework of our lives." I thought that was a wonderful answer. God's ways should be sown into every part of our lives. God does not want the spiritual separated from the practical. It is all one together. As we imbibe God's principles, we'll know how He wants us to act in every practical detail of our lives. It will be part of our lives all day long.

Sow God's Word into your own heart. Sow it into the minds and hearts of your children. This is your top priority. Unless they have God's Word as the foundation and framework of their lives, they will build on a shaky and deceptive foundation.

Love from Nancy Campbell

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