Sometimes the demands of home and family life make a mother feel pulled in too many directions. Yet this is not a bad thing, this is a great thing! This testifies to the high significance of her role. The amazing truth of motherhood is that a mother can and does meet multitudes of needs each day. She is a worker like no other, rising to the challenges of each situation, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved. This is one of the beautiful ways she exemplifies Christ to the world.
Each of her days is filled with accomplishing so very much, and each new day brings more to do. She is not to be pitied for being in such high demand, but rather praised. She is absolutely irreplaceable! Employees in the workforce strive to be irreplaceable in order to secure their jobs. They never want work to run out. An irreplaceable worker is envied, valued, praised and never pitied. That is you, dear Mother. Your job is not only secure, but eternally important. You are irreplaceable and highly esteemed! Love Michelle

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