Embracing children is an attitude. It means that whether you are able to birth, adopt, foster, mentor, or not, you embrace children as a most precious blessing.

It does not mean that we all will have large families, or that we are all able to adopt, foster, or have opportunity to mentor.

It does mean that our attitude toward children is abundantly warm and welcoming. Our attitude will reflect God's heart toward children, not the world's. We will not view children as burdens, nuisances, drains or liabilities. We will view children as esteemed, valuable, precious, worthy of our time and resources.

Even if we ourselves are not able to parent, we will enjoy the blessing of the children that still touch our lives. We must counter the world's attitude toward children, with God's attitude toward them, regardless of whether we ourselves are fertile or not. They must be treated as the blessing that they are, and our attitudes will speak volumes to the watching world.

Love Michelle

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