I had a very powerful dream last night. I was under a massive attack, and was not coping well at all. In fact, I seemed to be losing the battle, and I was terrified.

Just before I gave up, and caved in defeat, I remembered the power in the name of Jesus. I began praying and singing praises out loud, uttering the name of Jesus. At first, my voice was frail and weak, and I could barely speak His name.

I looked for people to join me in praise. The more I sang and prayed out loud, the stronger my voice became. I eventually began to take dominion, through the power of Jesus. I woke up realizing how often I muddle through my day, when I should be calling upon Jesus more often and more quickly.

There is such power available through Him. I wonder why I wait for utter desperation before I turn to Him?

Thanks for the dream Lord, and the wake up call. Oh, how I love Jesus! I won't wait for defeat to be encroaching at my door today before I call out in prayer and praise.

Love Michelle

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