Psalm 110:3 says, “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power.”

I believe there is something very good about willing manliness. I personally cannot stand a man who drags his feet when there is a job at hand that needs to be done. There is definitely something radically wrong with the man who doesn’t know how to get stuck in and pull his eight. As someone has said, “When the piano needs moving, there are plenty of volunteers to move the stool!”

True manliness is exalted by initiative, volunteerism, and willingness.

Psalm 110:3 says that a day is soon coming called “the day of Thy power,” the day when Christ will reign through His people over all the earth. However, the manifestation of this power will not flow through the hesitant, reticent, unwilling sideliners. Rather, it will be the “willing” who will experience this power.

Do not wait for that day. Start practicing the attribute of willingness now. Do not wait to be asked. If you can possibly help, volunteer today.

Be encouraged to walk in true manliness.


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