God’s plan for our nation is that we have no complaining in our streets. Psalm 144:14 says, “That there be no breaking in, no going out; that there be no complaining in our streets.”

The reason why we have the Wall Street complainers and protestors in the main streets of our big cities is that we men have allowed ourselves, and our families, to be subjected to a humanistic mindset which is largely propagated through the godless media--as well as a liberalized, humanistic education system. Even the government encourages it.

Most, if not all, of these protestors and complainers in our “streets” are from our nation’s colleges--students or graduates who have been indoctrinated to believe that communistic/progressive state control of everything will solve the injustices of this world.

Most Christians who send their children to be educated by the state systems are ignorant of the not so “hidden agenda” to influence our youth toward an antichrist one- world government and religion. Please review the DVDs, IINDOCTRINATION and AGENDA.

These street complainers seem to have no morals, perverting themselves publically, while they trash our public streets and parks. Honestly, are we Christian men, along with our wives, willing to subject our youth to this type of influence by subjecting our children to the same hot beds of false teaching? There are alternatives to these worldly institutions.

Do not for a moment think that there would not be any amongst these protestors that would come from a family such as your own. I believe the enemy would love to target them. What a victory for Satan.

Be encouraged to protect your family.

Colin Campbell


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