Marriage | Twenty Ways To Love And Honor Your Husband

20 ways to honor your husband

Twenty Ways to Honor Your Husband

1) Stay on his time schedule. If he is a morning person, work to become one too.

2) Be affectionate.

3) Find out what is important to him and work and pray towards that end.

4) Listen attentively when he speaks or reads aloud to you.

5) Ask him often, “What can I do to help you?”

6) In serving food or beverages, ALWAYS serve him first.

7) Reserve his chair at the head of the table only for him.

8) When he instructs, teaches, or leads, be quiet.

9) Ask for and value his opinion. “What do you think about…”

10) Make time to be alone and ask about his feelings. “What do you feel about…”

11) Be complimentary about him and his appearance. Compliment him every day.

12) Let him know you root for him, pray for him, and believe in him.

13) Never say a bad word about him to anyone. Pray (privately) for him instead.

14) Be thankful for him and let him know how you feel blessed by him.

15) Greet him warmly with “Welcome home!” Say “Thank you” and “I love you” often.

16) Help him laugh, keep a sense of humor, and enjoy the funny side of life.

17) Dress to please him. Ask him to choose style, colors, and modesty of clothes.

18) Celebrate special days with a note, gift, special meal, picnic, surprise, or trip.

19) Don’t complain, nag, or manipulate. Rejoice always. Be cheerful and content.

20) Let him know he’s the only one for you and you’re glad God chose him for you.

By Jenny Silliman

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