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Sample of  "Angel In My Arms"


Songwriters: Pearl and Meadow Barrett

Tiny fingers hold my own,
Tiny toes and a button nose,
Cherub cheeks flush with sleep,
We cuddle close, this is the most
Wonderful thing to do,
I’m rocking the baby so brand new,
You know your big sister
Will always love you.

I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel in my arms,
So sweet to hold, so soft to kiss,
So heaven sent that I know this,
I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel.

Baby hair like silk to stroke,
Lashes closed we rock to and fro,
A baby sigh from little lips,
A lovely sound I know I’ve found,
My favorite place to be,
Just the baby and me rocking happily,
I thank God that He gave you
To our family



Sample Of "Babies Don't Keep"


Adapted from the poem, “Babies Don’t Keep”. Other words and music by Pearl Barrett 

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ‘till tomorrow,
Babies grow up I have learned to my sorrow,
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

Let’s take a break, precious baby,
Don’t want to work any more,
Let’s just rock in the stillness,
All those chores we’ll ignore.

For you are far more important
And you deserve special time,
Your mama longs just to hold you,
I’m so glad that you’re mine.




Sample of  "Hushaby"


Songwriters: Pearl and Charlie Barrett

Hushaby, hushaby,
Hush, little baby, don’t you cry.
Hushaby, hushaby,
Hush little baby, now don’t you cry.

Mama rock a baby,
Daddy rock a baby too,
Gonna rock our little baby
Like we always do.

There, there,
Now, now,
Sleepy time,
Lie down.



Sample of  "Peace All Over Me"

You may identify with this song if you’ve ever had one of those days where chaos seems to be the order of the day. I have quite a few days like that, but I know the answer lies in pouring my cries out to the Lord and asking him for His peace.

In myself, I can be quite a worrisome and stressful person, but I know I can put on the mind of Christ and He is my Prince of Peace.

We wanted to call this album, Peace All Over Me because that is our fervent desire, that God will pervade our homes with His presence and that somehow His peace and assurance will be imparted through these songs.

Pearl Barrett



He’s two and she’s five

And they’re so full of life

But I’ve taken it out on them.

There’s a pattern here

That I seem to wear

When the walls start pushing me in.


Seems No’s the only word they’ve heard all day

And I’d like to begin again.

But here I am, it’s 3 pm, and I’m calling for your strength.



Pour your peace all over me,

Bathe me in serenity,

Fill me; quench me, be my all,

The One on whom my burdens fall.

Pour your peace all over me,

Take all my anxiety,

Hold me, heal me, be the wind

That breathes the life in me again.


I know that you wait

And you’re willing to take

All of my burdens on you.

Though I sense that you’re there,

I clutch my despair

And continue to rush on through.


Oh Prince of Peace, help me to see

You’re the first one I need to run to.

But here I am, it’s 3 pm, and I’m calling on your strength.




These moments with you are refreshing, Lord,

Why did I wait to so long?

Now you’ve changed my perspective, Lord,

Your comfort is now my song.






Sample of  "My Heart Is Full"

Nothing seemed to be going right on the day this song was written. I was newly pregnant with my third child, and not feeling very lively. I looked around my tiny home. Not one thing was in its proper place. It was a disaster area, and my two children matched the mess. Grubby from head to foot, they seemed to make more mess with every passing second.

Feelings of self-pity welled within me. Surely I deserved better than this! I deserved a bigger house. I deserved to be able to afford to hire someone to come and clean up for me. I was certain of that. Where was the new baby going to fit? I had no clue. As I dwelt on my situation, I started to feel so sorry for myself that I actually started crying for poor me. That is, until my little ten-month-old boy, crawled over to me, gave me the biggest hug with his grubby arms, and smiled dotingly up at me.

At that moment, it occurred to me that I was the most blessed woman in the world. I had two beautiful children, a loving husband, and now God had rewarded me with another life growing within me. Thinking about all the blessings in my life, filled me with great joy.  The words to this song flowed out.

I’ll add that I’m now expecting my fourth child and we are still living in that same small house. God has taught me to be grateful for it. The three children have managed to fit in perfectly and I know I’ll be able to find a corner somewhere for the next one.

Pearl Barrett



Little arms reaching for me,

Grubby fingers touch my face

And love is what I feel.


Little eyes looking at me,

Chubby cheeks burst with smiles

And joy is what I know,


Peeking in while they sleep at night,

I thank God for the gift of life,

I thank God for more than I deserve.



My heart is full, my heart is full,

Why would I want for more

When my cup overflows?

My heart is full, my heart is full,

This much I know.


Strong arms reaching for me

Circle my waist for the millionth time

And love is what I feel.


Strong voice talking to me,

Whispering dreams and sharing hopes

And joy is what I know.


Sometimes I watch him sleep at night,

I thank God that I am his wife,

I thank God for more than I deserve.




Sometimes when discontent creeps into my soul

A still small voice reminds me of the ones my

arms can hold.




Sample of  "Puddles of Grace"

I am so amazed at God’s grace!  He is so full of compassion and mercy, even when we aren’t the least bit deserving. There is one incident in particular that catapulted this song into being. The words flooded my mind. I didn’t sit down to write this song - it wrote itself as I bathed in the graciousness of God.

The Lord came through and graciously blessed us when we were in dire need. My husband and I ran outside to shout praises unto the Lord and I felt like I was being showered in His love and joy. I felt like His grace was pouring all over me and dripping down on me, making a pool at my feet. I wanted to splash in it and dance in puddles of grace.

Serene Allison



I am awe struck at such a tangible expression

You show to me,

It is a mystery how you can keep on giving

When I am totally undeserving, so unworthy,

Could never earn it.



Yet you shower me with your love,

Oh you shower me with your joy,

You pour it out, you don’t withhold,

And I’m splashing in your blessings

And dancing puddles of grace,

Oh I’m dancing in puddles of grace.


I want to thank you from the deepest part of me,

It’s surging in my soul.

I’ve got to lift my hands and feel you in the breeze

And we’ll rejoice together, I’ll celebrate you,

Jehovah Jireh.



And you shower me with your love,

Oh you shower me with your joy,

You pour it out, you don’t withhold,

And I’m splashing in your blessings

And dancing puddles of grace,

Oh I’m dancing in puddles of grace.



And you give; you give with such abandon,

Like the blood, the blood you spilled for my sin,

Every drop, you let it fall,

You could have called ten thousand angels,

But you loved me more.



Sample Of "Joyful Mother"

By Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison

Hannah knelt before the Lord
Her lips moved with the anguish of her soul
Grant me my desire Lord
Give to me a son that I can hold
She never stopped asking for her miracle
God was faithful, He remembered her

He makes the barren woman
Become a joyful mother
And the home she lives in
Is filled with laughter so praise ye the Lord

It seemed to be impossible
Sarah wondered how this could be true
God had promised she would be
A mother, but her years had passed too soon
But there’s a perfect timing to God’s plan
The King of Kings would come through her Son
Who is like the Lord our God who dwells on high
Who humbles Himself to behold
The things on Heaven and on earth.


Sample of  "Soothe Me"


By Serene Allison

He lays his head upon my chest
His crying eases as I gently stroke his head
His little arms and legs grow still
As I softly hum a tune that we both know so well
And all he needed was me
Lord is that what You think
When the tears run down my cheek

And You soothe me
Soothe me
I cry Abba, you whisper child
I breathe Your comfort, Your words of life
And You soothe me

You say come, come unto Me
All who are weary, all of us in need
So here I come where else would I turn
I long for Your love mare than anything on earth
And all I’m needing is You
Like this baby in my arms
I seek Your comfort too



Sample of  "Mother's Prayer"


By Serene Allison

Oh, child of mine
The Giver of life has given you to me
And oh child of mine
The pages of your life we’re yet to read
There’s only so much
I can do in the time He gives a mother

Seek Him, and find Him
Fall fervently in love with Jesus
Trust Him, and serve Him
Live every breath for what He teaches
Then He’ll be close when I’m no longer there
That’s your mother’s prayer

Oh, child of mine
There are so many beautiful dreams I have for you
But oh, child of mine
My greatest desire is for you to know the truth
Whatever you’ll be, maybe a poet or a teacher or a king
Will all be in vain
Unless your friend is the one who died on the tree

Seek Him, and find Him
Seek Him, and find Him
Seek Him, won’t you seek Him and find Him



Sample of  "Above Rubies"


By Pearl Barrett

Growing boys want to eat all day
Wiping crumbs and the dishes won’t stay away
Baby cries, up by five
Won’t see the bed again till late at night
One wants a story, one needs a nap
Daddy’ll be home soon, the place is a wreck
And I wonder

What am I to You, all these little things I do
Do You notice, are they important in Your plan
And I can hear You say
She who fears the Lord is to be praised
And her worth is Above Rubies
You set a price for me-Above Rubies

I could have worn a business suit
Had a better life-but that’s not true
ABC’s and 123’s
Ring around the rosies, all fall down with glee
I know it’s simple, the world doesn’t see
I may not move  mountains in this ministry
Still I wonder

Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far Above Rubies
Her children will rise up and call her blessed, and her husband also.



Sample of  "This Is Our Road"


This is our Road by Pearl Barrett

We had so many dreams; you and I together we’d live them
But what turned out to be is not quite the way we had planned
Your big break never came and I never got my maid
But we learned to love in that little trailer home
The eyes of our first child, the way they made you smile
So many reasons to make our love grow strong.

This is our road,
There were turns that we never saw coming
But I wouldn’t trade a mile, my darling,
This is our road!
And the journey hasn’t always been easy
But we have so many beautiful memories,
On we will go, this our road.

Every morning you drive away
With that serious look that never used to be there,
But we’ve got bills to pay
And that’s a burden that is yours to bear
I fight the laundry room, have your supper waiting for you,
The children need their mother here at home,
We’re both tired at night but we hold each other tight
And we thank the Lord for these blessings he’s bestowed.



Sample of  "Brave Enough"


Brave Enough by Pearl Barrett

I know how to give a piece of my mind,
Practice makes perfect, I don’t have to try,
It comes easy for me,
But I’ll admit it’s not working that well,
I think I’ve come to the end of myself,
So I’m finally listening to that still small voice
Urging me to make the choice to be…

Brave enough to be meek,
Bold enough to be still,
Wise enough to learn to hold my tongue
When my words just want to spill
Big enough to forgive
Strong enough to submit
Yeah, brave enough to let these hardened parts
Turn to gentleness.
Brave enough!

I know God’s ways are higher than mine,
The wisdom of man is foolishly blind,
Now I see clearly.
I know I’ve got some hew habits to learn,
I need to build back the bridges I’ve burned
For I very nearly lost the one that I love,
So here I am asking for help from above to be…


So turn me around,
Turn me upside down,
Mold the core of me
Into what you are naturally.


Sample of  "Help Me Love"


Help me Love by Pearl Barrett

Father forgive these thoughts in my head
That are playing a chorus,
They don’t need to live, but I’ve been watering them,
Helping them flourish.
Been finding his faults then pouring on salt
Into old wounds I never let heal,
So take all this mess, this bitterness,
Let me trust you, not trust how I feel.

Help me love unselfishly,
Help me learn to give and not expect anything,
Help me serve willingly,
Help me lay aside my pride, my rights and my needs,
Help me learn to honor him
With a word, with a smile, with a touch,
Help me love.

Father, you see every corner of my heart,
All is uncovered.
Lord, search me, please tear up the weeds
That have grown and smothered
The truth of your Word that helps me to learn
To be the wife you have called me to be,
‘Cause I need so much to show this man that I love,
That I’m grateful for wearing his ring.


Bonus Song:


Sample of  "First Word"



Written by Pearl and Charlie Barrett (Sung by Meadow Barrett)

You are asked me, Where has your little girl gone,
Oh where could your little girl be?
How I am I standing here looking so grown
When yesterday I was just three?

I hardly sit on your lap any more,
I’m losing my childish ways,
I know some things may be different now,
But some things will always remain…

You were my very first word, Daddy!
Your arms are the safest place on earth, Daddy!
I can always run to you and you’ll be there,
You were my very first dance, Daddy!
You’d twirl me around and we’d laugh, Daddy!
You were my very first word.

You joke about the coming years
When you’ll be chasing the young men away,
You tease I can marry when I’m thirty-two,
And not a minute before that day!

But I’ve heard you pray God will watch over me,
That He’ll keep me and help me stay pure.
So I’ll turn to Him when I’m looking for answers
But some things I know for sure…

You were my very first song, Daddy!
It’s a tune that I still like to hum, Daddy!
I can always run to you and you’ll be there.
You heard my very first prayer, Daddy!
You showed me the way that God cares, Daddy!
You were my very first word.

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