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Sample of "Maker" 


Maker of Life

You've breathed this miracle inside of me

And you've known her for a long time now

Even though she's new to our family

In a tender caress you thoughtfully formed her face

You wove her skillfully in a delicate embrace

You planted your purpose and plans

When you kissed her little lips

You wrote her a love song on her fingertips



So Maker

Introduce me to your child

Maker, let me hold


Sample Of "Joyful Mother"

By Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison

Hannah knelt before the Lord
Her lips moved with the anguish of her soul
Grant me my desire Lord
Give to me a son that I can hold
She never stopped asking for her miracle
God was faithful, He remembered her

He makes the barren woman
Become a joyful mother
And the home she lives in
Is filled with laughter so praise ye the Lord

It seemed to be impossible
Sarah wondered how this could be true
God had promised she would be
A mother, but her years had passed too soon
But there’s a perfect timing to God’s plan
The King of Kings would come through her Son
Who is like the Lord our God who dwells on high
Who humbles Himself to behold
The things on Heaven and on earth.


Sample of  "Echo"


By Serene Allison

More beautiful than an orchestra
Playing softly, or a famous ballad singer
Serenading to a lilting melody
Is my baby singing to me
More beautiful than an arrear
By a violin, the soothing sound
A symphony of strings building rich harmony
Is my baby, singing to me

I can remember when you were just a tiny bundle
And nestled in my arms
You’d start to coo and sing contentedly
That was an angel singing to me

Now in the picture you have grown a little older
And you skip through the meadows
And call my name and sing so happily
That’s an angel singing to me
I may not have graced the doors
Of many concert halls
But I’ve heard the sweetest music
Sent from Heaven up above



Sample of  "It's Your Blood"


Sample of  "Soothe Me"


By Serene Allison

He lays his head upon my chest
His crying eases as I gently stroke his head
His little arms and legs grow still
As I softly hum a tune that we both know so well
And all he needed was me
Lord is that what You think
When the tears run down my cheek

And You soothe me
Soothe me
I cry Abba, you whisper child
I breathe Your comfort, Your words of life
And You soothe me

You say come, come unto Me
All who are weary, all of us in need
So here I come where else would I turn
I long for Your love mare than anything on earth
And all I’m needing is You
Like this baby in my arms
I seek Your comfort too



Sample of  "Thankful"


By Pearl Barrett

Honey remember that one July
They told us our baby may not survive
And I was scared to trust
You were strong for both of us
Honey remember how hard you prayed
I had to lean on your strength everyday
Do you know it’s a beautiful thing to me
To watch you rock that little boy to sleep

God gave you to me darlin’
And He knew exactly what I needed
God gave you to me darlin’
Maybe it’s been too much of a secret
That I’m thankful for you baby… oh, so very thankful

Honey remember that Christmas time
You were out of work, we hardly had a dime
I knew that had to sting, you longed to give us everything
Honey remember we made it through, God was only
Growing me and you
Do you know that I feel like the richest girl
Your love your strength is worth more than the world



Sample of  "Free"


Sample of  "My Place"


Sample of  "Surrender"


Sample of  "Mother's Prayer"


By Serene Allison

Oh, child of mine
The Giver of life has given you to me
And oh child of mine
The pages of your life we’re yet to read
There’s only so much
I can do in the time He gives a mother

Seek Him, and find Him
Fall fervently in love with Jesus
Trust Him, and serve Him
Live every breath for what He teaches
Then He’ll be close when I’m no longer there
That’s your mother’s prayer

Oh, child of mine
There are so many beautiful dreams I have for you
But oh, child of mine
My greatest desire is for you to know the truth
Whatever you’ll be, maybe a poet or a teacher or a king
Will all be in vain
Unless your friend is the one who died on the tree

Seek Him, and find Him
Seek Him, and find Him
Seek Him, won’t you seek Him and find Him



Sample of  "Above Rubies"


By Pearl Barrett

Growing boys want to eat all day
Wiping crumbs and the dishes won’t stay away
Baby cries, up by five
Won’t see the bed again till late at night
One wants a story, one needs a nap
Daddy’ll be home soon, the place is a wreck
And I wonder

What am I to You, all these little things I do
Do You notice, are they important in Your plan
And I can hear You say
She who fears the Lord is to be praised
And her worth is Above Rubies
You set a price for me-Above Rubies

I could have worn a business suit
Had a better life-but that’s not true
ABC’s and 123’s
Ring around the rosies, all fall down with glee
I know it’s simple, the world doesn’t see
I may not move  mountains in this ministry
Still I wonder

Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far Above Rubies
Her children will rise up and call her blessed, and her husband also.


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