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Sample of  "Why Wouldn't I?"


Why Wouldn’t I?  by Serene Allison

Went to work before I woke up, I didn’t say goodbye,
Late night talk was kind of cold and now I want to cry,
The bed is feeling empty though our baby’s in my arms,
Feelin’ sorry for those foolish words, I didn’t mean no harm.

Never gonna give up on you, baby,
Never gonna go away, no, no,
Never gonna give up on you, baby,
You’re never going to see the day,
Oh I’m holdin’ on tight, always gonna fight for you,
Why wouldn’t I?

Never seen you look that way, never seen those dismal eyes,
You said you’re feeling desperate, said you cannot figure why,
You’re captive to this merry-go-round; serve the thief of time,
But I know you’re gonna make it,
Failure’s never crossed my mind.



Sample of  "Kiss You Better"


Kiss you Better by Pearl Barrett

Honey, come in sit down,
Your supper will be ready soon,
I can tell you are worn and weary,
Heaven knows what you’ve been through.

Your shoulders feel all tied up in knots,
Let me rub them for a minute or two,
No I can’t take today away
But I can make tonight better for you.

Let’s see if I can brighten up your clouds,
I wanna chase the rain away somehow,
You work so hard for us and there’s no doubt
That you’ve had your full of stormy weather
So here I am to kiss you better.

Did you see I wore your favorite dress?
And I let my hair down just how you like,
I know the years have changed me a little
But I still hope you see your beautiful bride.



Sample of  "Brave Enough"


Brave Enough by Pearl Barrett

I know how to give a piece of my mind,
Practice makes perfect, I don’t have to try,
It comes easy for me,
But I’ll admit it’s not working that well,
I think I’ve come to the end of myself,
So I’m finally listening to that still small voice
Urging me to make the choice to be…

Brave enough to be meek,
Bold enough to be still,
Wise enough to learn to hold my tongue
When my words just want to spill
Big enough to forgive
Strong enough to submit
Yeah, brave enough to let these hardened parts
Turn to gentleness.
Brave enough!

I know God’s ways are higher than mine,
The wisdom of man is foolishly blind,
Now I see clearly.
I know I’ve got some hew habits to learn,
I need to build back the bridges I’ve burned
For I very nearly lost the one that I love,
So here I am asking for help from above to be…


So turn me around,
Turn me upside down,
Mold the core of me
Into what you are naturally.


Sample of  "I'll Pray For You"


I Pray for You by Serene Allison

I heard you leave a message on our phone,
I could tell how you are feeling by the tone,
Your words are broken but the heart is spoken,
You said you didn’t wanna burden me.
Forget the things I say entirely.
I didn’t mean to vent but I’m completely spent.

So I pray for you, it’s all I know to do,
I pray that God will fill your empty heart,
So I pray for you, nothing else will do,
I pray His joy will flood your deepest part.

I look at you as we pass along the hall,
You’re so overtired, no way to rest at all,
I wish that I could help but you keep it to yourself,
You’ll be awake before the sun can show its face,
Back to town where you will work your crazy pace,
After all you do there’s so little left of you.



Sample of  "Together"


Together by Serene Allison

You and I have been through the fire,
Been through the flame, together, 
You and I have seen many kinds of weather,
Been through the rain, together,
You and I have tasted of the ripened fruit
That our loves yields,
And when the wine was bitter, our salty tears
Escaped and mingled down together.

Our love is like a bird,
Can’t fly with just one wing,
I need you and you need me,
We’ll take flight in harmony.

You and I go deep, walk vulnerable
And barefoot on love’s path, together.
You and I have swum across the rivers
That were barely passable, together,
You and I have tried to scale the mountains
Their reflections casting doubts together.

We’ll soar above our fears,
When the storm blows, we will find His shadow,
We will hide beneath the One
Who watches over the sparrow.


Sample of  "Help Me Love"


Help me Love by Pearl Barrett

Father forgive these thoughts in my head
That are playing a chorus,
They don’t need to live, but I’ve been watering them,
Helping them flourish.
Been finding his faults then pouring on salt
Into old wounds I never let heal,
So take all this mess, this bitterness,
Let me trust you, not trust how I feel.

Help me love unselfishly,
Help me learn to give and not expect anything,
Help me serve willingly,
Help me lay aside my pride, my rights and my needs,
Help me learn to honor him
With a word, with a smile, with a touch,
Help me love.

Father, you see every corner of my heart,
All is uncovered.
Lord, search me, please tear up the weeds
That have grown and smothered
The truth of your Word that helps me to learn
To be the wife you have called me to be,
‘Cause I need so much to show this man that I love,
That I’m grateful for wearing his ring.


Sample of  "Deeper"


Deeper by Serene Allison

Baby, you still capture my eye,
Darling, you don’t even have to try,
My heart warms when I’m around you
Like a traveling pilgrim that’s found a fireside,
Like a favorite book you read over and over
You get better with time.

I’ve fallen
But now I’ve fallen deeper,
I’ve loved you
But now I love you more,
I’ve fallen
But now I’ve fallen deeper, deeper.

Baby, the day I wore my white dress and walked to your side
I knew our love was something beautiful, but now it’s truer, now it’s tried,
I know what you mean before you even say it,
I know that grin, I can read that sigh,
You’re like a chocolate with a cream-filled center,
You get sweeter inside.



Sample of  "This Is Our Road"


This is our Road by Pearl Barrett

We had so many dreams; you and I together we’d live them
But what turned out to be is not quite the way we had planned
Your big break never came and I never got my maid
But we learned to love in that little trailer home
The eyes of our first child, the way they made you smile
So many reasons to make our love grow strong.

This is our road,
There were turns that we never saw coming
But I wouldn’t trade a mile, my darling,
This is our road!
And the journey hasn’t always been easy
But we have so many beautiful memories,
On we will go, this our road.

Every morning you drive away
With that serious look that never used to be there,
But we’ve got bills to pay
And that’s a burden that is yours to bear
I fight the laundry room, have your supper waiting for you,
The children need their mother here at home,
We’re both tired at night but we hold each other tight
And we thank the Lord for these blessings he’s bestowed.



Sample of  "I Do"


I Do by Pearl Barrett

Standing there, fighting those happy tears
In my white dress, my heart beating in my ears
There you were waiting for me
And the love in your eyes was all I could see.

I took that walk, your love it was drawing me
To your side, where I knew I was meant to be
Though my voice choked up now and then
I meant every word when I said…

I do promise to love you
I do, take you for my husband
I do, richer or poorer, whatever God may give
I will forsake all others
I will cherish you my beloved
I will make you this pledge as long as we both shall live
I do.

Now you wait, wondering what I will say
If I could go back, would I do it all over again?
Don’t you know I’m still crazy for you
So believe me again when I tell you…


For better or worse I’ll stand by you,
Sickness or health I will hold you,
I’m not gonna let go, I’ll cling ‘till
Our whole lives are through.


Sample Of "It's You"


It’s You by Serene Allison

I never saw these places before
Until the day when you opened the door,
After the rain came
You pulled me deep to shelter me from the pain.

I never heard the song of your soul
Until the night when its tune played me whole
After the hurricane
A new river flowed and it sailed me away.

And it’s you, inside out
After the storm has blown
You’re my rainbow
With colors I’ve not known
And it’s you, stronger still
After the mountain climb
You’re my guide
On the other side of you.

I never read so many words in one touch
Just a look can teach me so much
After the earthquake hit
It shook my doubting floor and now I firmly sit.

I never thought after all the years we’ve had
I’d just be learning the clue to your treasure map
After the tornado spun it blew your masquerade
But you’re better now you undone.


Sample Of "Maybe That's It"


Maybe That’s It by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison

He’s not the type who brings home flowers,
Candlelight dinners, talking for hours,
That’s not his thing, but don’t feel sorry for me
Can’t quite figure out the reason
Our love grows with every season

Maybe it’s the way he hugs our little girl
That makes me melt,
Maybe it’s the way he looks at me and I know
I’m his world,
Could be that when he holds me we’re such a perfect fit,
Maybe that’s it!

Went to the mountains on our honeymoon,
We say we’ll get away again, just us two,
But that’s okay; life gets in the way,
But we don’t need exotic places
To figure out our love is precious.
Who needs a fantasy when you’ve got the real thing?

Maybe it’s the way he just comes home
And everything feels right,
Maybe it’s the way he gave our son those
Same sky blue eyes,
Could be it’s his simple faith in God
That never quits,
Maybe that’s it!

He may not be perfect,
May not be every woman’s dream
But I know this
I’ll take all his flaws
But I wouldn’t trade his goodnight kiss.

Maybe it’s the way he lets the children
Jump all over him,
Maybe it’s the way he’s strong and silent,
Yet he lets me in,
Could be it’s the calm assurance that
He always gives,
Maybe that’s it!


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