Why Wouldn't I?

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Why Wouldn’t I?  by Serene Allison

Went to work before I woke up, I didn’t say goodbye,
Late night talk was kind of cold and now I want to cry,
The bed is feeling empty though our baby’s in my arms,
Feelin’ sorry for those foolish words, I didn’t mean no harm.

Never gonna give up on you, baby,
Never gonna go away, no, no,
Never gonna give up on you, baby,
You’re never going to see the day,
Oh I’m holdin’ on tight, always gonna fight for you,
Why wouldn’t I?

Never seen you look that way, never seen those dismal eyes,
You said you’re feeling desperate, said you cannot figure why,
You’re captive to this merry-go-round; serve the thief of time,
But I know you’re gonna make it,
Failure’s never crossed my mind.



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