Angel In My Arms

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Songwriters: Pearl and Meadow Barrett

Tiny fingers hold my own,
Tiny toes and a button nose,
Cherub cheeks flush with sleep,
We cuddle close, this is the most
Wonderful thing to do,
I’m rocking the baby so brand new,
You know your big sister
Will always love you.

I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel in my arms,
So sweet to hold, so soft to kiss,
So heaven sent that I know this,
I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel.

Baby hair like silk to stroke,
Lashes closed we rock to and fro,
A baby sigh from little lips,
A lovely sound I know I’ve found,
My favorite place to be,
Just the baby and me rocking happily,
I thank God that He gave you
To our family


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