People often feel great when they get things accomplished. That is most likely what they will share with others too. Things like how their to do list got accomplished, or how the canning got completed, or the laundry got all caught up. These are great things, and I feel good too, when I get lots done. I've been thinking today that maybe we need to celebrate some other, less discussed accomplishments. The ones that perhaps aren't as tangible and yet probably carry more weight. Things like: I greeted my husband with a smile and a hug, even though I was angry with him, or I did not yell when my toddler broke eggs all over the rug. How about these? I prayed instead of complained when I was frustrated with my workload, or I praised, kissed and hugged my teens today even though some of their behaviour is disappointing.

These are the bigger accomplishments in my mind. Holding the tongue, showing love, controlling feelings, and behaving with grace and mercy, even when we don't feel like it. Now those types of things are worth their weight in gold and are big accomplishments. They are examples of bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and are worth celebrating and sharing. Love Michelle+1

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