The other day, I was shopping at a store that my husband loves. As I tried something on, I wondered if he would prefer me to wear it in red, or in orange. I called him from the dressing room and asked. Although I did have my own preference, it was really him I wanted to please. I want him to love what I am wearing, and if he doesn't, why would I bother wearing it? It is only him I want to dress for after all, as his eyes are the only ones I want to please. If I wear something that he dislikes, I make sure to never wear it in his presence, or I get rid of it altogether. It is a very small and simple thing to do in trying to bless our husbands. After all, who are we dressing for? I hope not just for ourselves, or for our own comfort, but really for our husbands. It is a privilege to delight them this way, and I feel so good when I know that I look good to him. Love Michelle

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