When we talk to people and realize they are in deception and believing a lie, what do we do? When someone is doing something that is not right, what do we do? I guess that if we are to be honest we would have to confess that we prefer to say or do nothing. We don't want to interfere in their lives. We don't want to be thought of someone who is condemning or legal, so we keep quiet.

But, is that what we are meant to do? Proverbs 28:4 says, "They that forsake the law praise the wicked; but such as keep the law CONTEND WITH THEM." What does this word "contend" mean? The Hebrew word is "garah" and means "to meddle, to stir up." In other words, it means to get involved.

Is it loving to leave someone in deception? Often they are ignorantly in deception. Is it loving to not seek to rescue someone who is going in the wrong direction? (Read Jude 1:23).

How can we change society if we stay silent? As God's people, we are meant to be invading society with God's truth. We are mean to be leading the way. We are meant to be shining God's light into the darkness, not hiding our light (Matthew 5:13-16).

Of course, I don't believe we should be judging and condemning in our response. A great way to challenge people's thinking is to ask them questions. Ask them why they think this way. Get to the bottom of their worldview. The whole of society, Christian and non-Christians, are constantly bombarded with a secular and humanistic worldview. It is time we invaded society with a biblical worldview.

Don't hide your light. Drop seeds of truth wherever you go; when you meet women at the supermarket, when you talk to them at church, and when you talk to people who are going in a wrong direction. And don't forget to smile at them when you talk to them.

Love from Nancy
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