In the bank today, I heard some women talking about grandchildren and how they couldn't wait to have some more. They also discussed how "nowadays there doesn't have to be a marriage" to bring in a grandbaby, as one of the ladies had 4 grandchildren, yet no married children.

Well, this is, and always has been true, but it is certainly not ideal and not God's best. We need to love on the babies that come no matter how they come, yet never settle for whatever status quo is saying.

These lovely women were bang on for craving grandbabies, but needed to stand firm on maintaining that the best way for this to happen is through a godly marriage. We need to strive for the best even in the face of less than best!

We can't just give into status quo acceptance and complacency, as there is always hope for 'a change in tide', right?

Love Michelle

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