TOP POST #5 from Michelle

TOP POST #5 from Michelle!


Today, my husband was running so behind that he was going to miss his flight. He would only arrive at the airport as the plane was taking off!


The stress was so high, as he ran out the door. I gathered the nearest children, and we stood together in a circle and we all held hands, even though one of them disapproved of the hand holding.


We asked the Lord to intercede, and to keep Dad safe on the icy roads, to make all things well and to allow him to somehow catch the flight. A few minutes later, Cam called to say that he forgot his wallet and his passport, so he raced back to get them. I thought to myself, "that's it, he'll never make it now!".


Almost an hour later, Cam calls again to say his flight was delayed by half an hour, and that he would make it! I told him how we had prayed, and I then felt ashamed of my disbelief, and was so glad I hadn't shared my doubts verbally to the children.


They got to see firsthand the amazing power of prayer. Where two or more are gathered! The Lord delights to show us His power!


Love Michelle

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