Men, we must be available to lead our families. Absentee fatherhood is not fatherhood. Fathers need to make it a priority to be home to lead in Family Devotions.

The sixth principle for Family Devotions is to have every family member present (as much as possible). This Christian exercise is for the benefit of the whole family and everyone living under your roof, not just certain members.

If a member of the family is not feeling well enough to eat at the family table, he or she, of course, may be excused from Family Devotions. However, if they are hungry enough to eat at the table, they need to remain seated for Family Devotions. The family meal table is not only a place to feed the outer man, but to feed the inner man.

Each member of the family needs to participate in prayer. This enables them to be actively involved in calling on the Lord. Each member should also be ready and willing to answer questions regarding the Scriptures being read.

As the family grows and there come challenges to schedules for sports and all manner of activities, they should all be prioritized to fit around the higher priority we place on as many of our family as possible being involved with Family Devotions.

If the husband has to go to work very early, the wife or older son could fill in the gap. But, husbands and fathers, we need to be home to lead our families in the evening devotions.

We must take out place as the spiritual leaders of our families and we have to be home to make this happen.

Be encouraged. Colin

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