Men, we must take full responsibility for the training of our children. Let Egypt (the world) train Egypt, but Israel (God’s people) train God’s people. If we deliberately, or ignorantly, let Egypt train God’s people we will soon become salves to Egypt’s ways.


Exodus 10:8-11 says, “And Moses and Aaron were brought again unto Pharaoh: and he said unto them, Go, serve the Lord your God: but who are they that shall go? And Moses said, We will go with our young and with our old, with our sons and with our daughters, with our flocks and with our herds will we go; for we must hold a feast unto the Lord. And he said unto them… Not so: go now ye that are men, and serve the Lord.”

This third compromise is very applicable to our 21st century. Pharaoh sought to hold back the little children, the old people and all Israel’s flocks and herds from leaving Egypt. Moses could have been tempted to make this compromise, because at this stage of the world’s history Egypt would have had the best schools of learning. Moses, as Pharaoh’s daughter’s son, was tutored in the finest schools of Egypt.

The world will always seek to make us Christians believe that we are not the best ones to educate our children. The end result is that our children may have a heart to serve God, as encouraged by the parents at home, but have an Egyptian mindset because of their education.

The goats amongst the sheep will try and contest the truth about Christian home education. But Moses knew better. God’s true sheep listen to His voice, not the voice of a stranger. (John 10:5). Moses realized the danger of leaving the young ones and the old in Egypt. They would certainly draw the men back to Egypt.

God wants His people to have His mindset. There are more than enough Christian educators to educate our children.

Men, we must resist the Pharaohs of today as they try to squeeze us into their mold. America is battling a socialist, progressive (communist) mindset in order to create a one world socialist government. State education is its chief tool to accomplish this end.

Be encouraged to act.

Colin Campbell

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