It's Not As Bad As You Think - No. 05

1 Thessalonians 5:18, "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

Isn’t it easy to feel sorry for yourself? I think it’s the easiest thing in the world. And yet it is the most debilitating. And the most deceiving. Our mind takes us down a road that makes everything seem far worse than it really is.

I remember one time when my children were all small. I was at the kitchen sink doing the dishes and I started into a self-pity trip. I was feeling so sorry for myself that the tears rolled down my face. I was really in the pit! Then I looked up. There was my Bible open at Psalm 103. Fortunately I had established the habit of having my Bible open at my windowsill. In those days I didn’t have much time to sit and read the Bible but I would grab a verse from Psalms or Proverbs as I worked in my kitchen.

I read verses 1 – 5. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from destruction, who crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercies, who satisfies your mouth with good things…"

All at once, I realized what I was doing. I was totally deceived. I had let my mind get out of control. I had to gird up the loins of my mind. I repented. "Oh Lord, I am so sorry. Forgive me for my self-centeredness. Oh Lord, I thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for all your goodness to me. Thank you for my salvation. Thank you for my husband. Thank you for the children you have given me. Thank you for this home you have provided for me. Thank you that you are my God and you are watching over me."

As I thanked the Lord, the self-pity left me and once again I walked in victory.

Recently my daughter, Pearl, shared with me a similar experience. She was sitting in her little trailer home feeling very sorry for herself. She thought, "I deserve a bigger home than this. I haven’t been able to buy any new clothes for months. I have nothing nice and pretty to wear." The more she thought the more miserable she became.

In the middle of her misery, her little boy (about 10 months at the time) came up and gave her a big hug. He gave her the biggest smile with his little grubby face. Right then her heart burst open with joy. She realized that she had everything she needed. God had given her two beautiful children and she had a third one growing in her womb. She had a husband who loved her. What more did she need? She had more than she deserved. As she began to thank the Lord, all the material aspirations left her and she wrote the song called, "My Heart is Full!" Instead of being full of self-pity, she was now full of thankfulness to God for His blessings.


I’ll write the words here for you, but how I wish you could hear Pearl and Serene sing it together in harmony. It would really touch your soul. They are planning to record an album of songs for mothers and this song will be on it.

My Heart Is Full 

Little arms reaching for me,


Grubby fingers touch my face


And love is what I feel.


Little eyes looking at me,


Chubby cheeks burst with smiles


And joy is what I know,


Peeking in while they sleep at night,


I thank God for the gift of life,


I thank God for more than I deserve.




My heart is full, my heart is full,


Why would I want for more


When my cup overflows?


My heart is full, my heart is full,


This much I know.


Strong arms reaching for me


Circle my waist for the millionth time


And love is what I feel.


Strong voice talking to me,


Whispering dreams and sharing hopes


And joy is what I know.


Sometimes I watch him sleep at night,


I thank God that I am his wife,


I thank God for more than I deserve.




My heart is full, my heart is full,


Why would I want for more


When my cup overflows?


My heart is full, my heart is full,


This much I know.




Sometimes when discontent creeps into my soul


A still small voice reminds me of the ones my


arms can hold.


Dear mother, when you start falling into that slough of self-pity, stop! Don’t keep sliding down. Look up to the Lord. Start thanking Him for all His blessings. They are numberless. They are more than you can count. When you start praising instead of complaining, joy will fill your heart.

Have a wonderful week as you count your blessings.



"Father God, please save me from being self-centered. I repent of my selfish ways and thoughts. Please convict me and arrest me when I get into self-pity, self-complacency, self-pleasing, self-satisfying, self-gratifying, self-seeking, self-pampering, self-conceit, self-serving, self-preoccupation and self-centeredness. Lead me out of self and into you. Give me a thankful and praising heart – in the good times and the difficult times. Thank you, Father, Amen."




Think about yourself.


Talk about yourself.


Use "I" as often as possible.


Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others.


Listen greedily to what people say about you.


Expect to be appreciated.


Be suspicious.


Be jealous and envious.


Be sensitive to slights.


Never forgive a criticism.


Trust nobody but yourself.


Insist on consideration and respect.


Demand agreement with your own views on everything.


Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favours shown.


Never forget a service you may have rendered.


Be on the outlook for a good time for yourself.


Shirk your duties if you can.


Do as little as possible for others.


Love yourself supremely.


Be selfish.


Author unknown.

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