Leave Your Problems At The Door - No. 109

Isaiah 60:18, “You shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.”

I love the fact that our God is such a practical God. He is concerned about our everyday lives. He is even interested in the doors and the gates of our homes. In fact, they are very important to Him and He speaks a lot about them. Psalm 87:2 tells us that “The Lord loves the gates of Zion.” He loves your gates and doors too.

Beautiful gates and doors fascinate me. When visiting my niece in Majorca a couple of years ago, I took most of my pictures of gates and doors – amazing huge wooden doors of all beautiful designs. It was also delightful to walk through the narrow streets of old villages. Old doors, quaint doors and interesting gates led into courtyards, gardens and homes. Doors are enticing. They are entrances that lead you into new adventures, new ideas, new vision and new excitement - and of course into your home.

God wants us to call the gates and doors of our home Praise. Every time we open a door to enter it we should praise the Lord. We should take the praises of the Lord into each room we enter.

Pray a short prayer of praise each time you open a door. “Oh Lord, I thank you for this room. I enter into it with thanksgiving. I take your praises into it. Fill it with your presence and your love. Amen.” Can you imagine the change in the atmosphere of your home if you praised your way into every room you enter? Try it.

Actually, it may take time to get into the habit of doing this. I myself am trying to get into the habit of it. To help you, share the idea with your husband and children too, so you can all do it. Remind one another until it becomes the habit of your life.

God gives us another practical principle about our doors in Jeremiah 17:19-27. Take time to read the whole passage. He told Jeremiah to go to all the gates of Jerusalem and tell the people that they were to take no burden in through the gates of Jerusalem on the Sabbath day. They were not to carry a burden out of their houses either. Jeremiah spoke of the literal Sabbath day. However, through Jesus’ death on the cross, God has now provided a way for us to live in a continual Sabbath rest. Jesus is our rest. He wants us to live in His rest. He wants us to have rest in our homes. He does not want our homes to be filled with tension, stress, bickering and fighting.

Of course, He always gives the remedy. Every time you enter your gate, and each door of your home, make sure you leave your burdens at the door. Don’t take them through the door into your home. These burdens will spoil the atmosphere of your home. They will devour your home. Roll them over to Jesus at the door. He has promised to take your burdens and carry your sorrows. (Psalm 55:22)

This passage in Jeremiah promises that if you do not take your burdens through the doors of your home that the King will sit on the throne! Who do you want ruling your home? Your problems and your burdens? Or King Jesus, who is your Rest forever? It’s your choice.





“Oh Lord, please remind me to praise my way through every door of my home. I thank you that you are my Burden Bearer and that I don’t have to carry my problems into my home with me. Help me to get in the habit of rolling them upon you before I enter the door of my home Amen.”’




Doors are my praise opportunity!


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