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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

ElimWordEach one of us know that to counteract the onslaughts of the enemy, we must daily put on our armor. Do you remember the first piece of armor that is mentioned?

Yes, it is truth. What area of our bodies do we cover with truth? The King James Bible says it is “the loins.” Let’s read it in Ephesians 6:14: “Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth.”

The Greek word for loins in this Scripture is “osphus” meaning “the hips, the strength of a man, procreative power, the seat of generative power.” The Bible talks about future progeny coming forth from the loins (c.f. Acts 2:30 and Hebrews 7:5, 9, 10). It was most important that soldiers protected their loins (their procreative power) as they went out to war.

However, I am confused. Most modern translations do not even mention the word loins. A typical translation is “Tighten the belt of truth around your waist.” The word “waist” is not mentioned in the original Greek. Nor do I find the word “belt.” I will concede that often the clothing covering the loins is attached to a belt to hold it tightly in place. So, they’ve got something there.

Men wore long robes in those days. When they did physical work, or readied themselves for action they “girded up their loins.” They picked up their robes to the knees or just above the knees and tucked them in their belt. Therefore, they could be using this metaphor.

But they eliminate the most important word, “loins.” No soldier would go to war without protecting his loins. A belt is not enough. Check the picture above. In fact, it is a shame to have the loins uncovered. When prisoners were taken captive, they often shamed them by shaving their heads and uncovering their loins!

The Bible says the loins are to be protected with truth. Are modern translators victims of the deception this Scripture exposes?

It is a fact that most of Christendom today is ignorant about the power of their loins. They are not protected with the truth of God’s Word. This area of the body has been, and is being, attacked by the enemy. Satan hates life and seeks to eliminate it every way he possibly can. He has fooled God’s people to close their wombs and cut of the power of their loins so they cannot bring forth God’s children. Satan has won a huge victory and God’s army is sorely lacking.

The loins are to be fully girded about. That means they must be protected from abortion, all the modern methods of contraception that eliminate life, and the knife that cuts off procreative power.

Not only have the loins been made lifeless, but they have become prey to sin—fornication and adultery among young people and even married couples. It’s time for a revival of strengthening the loins and bringing God’s truth and holiness back to this area of our bodies.

We must teach our young people to gird their loins with truth. It is the first piece of armor mentioned. It is the preparation for all others. If the loins are not kept pure and holy by embracing God’s truth, it’s not much use putting on any other piece of armor.

What conviction does a “belt of truth” give us? It is the loins that must be girded about.

Blessings today from Nancy Campbell

P.S. The following versions use the word “loins” which is in the original Greek: King James Version, Darby Version, Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (which I would expect it to use the correct word), Douay-Rheims, Knox, Geneva Bible 1599, and the New American Standard Bible (which is the only one I could find in the modern versions that includes the word “loins.”) If you find other versions, let me know.

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HonorPraise God, we don’t have to live in the dark. God shows us clearly in His Word how he wants us to live as a married couple. Because marriage is a glorious picture of Christ and His church, we are to show this picture to the world through our marriage.

Therefore, wives are to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord. Even more than that, Ephesians 5:33 reminds us that we are not only to submit, but show honor to our husbands. This is a step up and something many women are not used to doing in our humanistic society. It means to show reverential awe and fear.

However, 1 Peter tells husbands to also show honor to their wives. But it’s a different kind of honor. Let’s read the Scripture: “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them (your wives) according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

The word used this time means “value, esteem of the highest degree, dignity, precious.” It is the same word used of the “preciousness” of Christ (1 Peter 2:7). Husbands should come into marriage with knowledge and understanding of how to treat their wives. Many men are ignorant because of the brainwashing of feminism. Feminism takes away the beauty of femininity. They pressure women to be like men. Therefore, when men no longer see women as a prized possession to be protected and cared for, they do not know how to function correctly.

Husbands are to esteem their wife as the weaker vessel. Now I know some women don’t like to be put in that category. But this is the truth. I think I am a strong woman physically, but I am not as strong as men. Men mostly have 50 percent more brute strength than women. They are built to have more muscle, broader shoulders, and stronger physique to lift heavy weights, do hard work, provide, and protect.

I like Fenton’s translation which says: “assigning honour to their FEMININE NATURE, as to a weaker vessel.” To get back to God’s plan, it works both ways. We as wives show awe and honor to our husbands. The a more a man walks in manliness, the easier it is to show this honor.

Conversely, our husbands are to treat us with dignity and as they would their most precious possession. The more we embrace and walk in our femininity, the easier it is for our husbands to treat us this way.

Be blessed today, Nancy Campbell

Painting by Bessie Pease Gutmann

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EdibleWhen your little baby begins to eat solid food (anywhere from six months to a year), do you begin with steak and broccoli? No, you start very slowly by finely mashing up such foods as ripe banana, ripe pear, or avocado, etc. As they get used these palatable foods, you introduce vegetables. Once again, you mash them up finely so they do not choke.

God wants to feed our children’s souls and spirits the same way. Ephesians 6:4 says: “Ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

I love the words “bring them up.” Notice it doesn’t say, “Pull them down,” but “bring them up.” The Greek word is “ektrefo.” “Trepho” means “to fatten, to cherish (with food), pamper, feed, nourish.” This is what we do with our darling little ones. We want to fatten them up, don’t we? We love our fat babies with their chubby cheeks, thighs, and legs? It’s the one time in their life when we can ooh and asah over their fatness!

However, our children are more than bodies. They are souls and spirits. This Scripture tells us how we are to fatten up their inner man, “in the nurture and admonition OF THE LORD.” The highest education we give our children is the Lord’s training. We fatten them up on Christ. We nourish and nurture their souls and spirits with His life-giving Word.

We don’t choke them with these commandments. We mash them up finely. When we have Family Devotions each day with our children, we give them what is needful for them. We give them enough to satisfy them for one meal, “precept upon precept; line upon line” (Isaiah 28:10). They don’t need it all at once because we’ll give them at least two “inner man” meals a day, every day until they leave home..

If you have little ones around your table as you read God’s Word, ask simple questions to make sure they understand. They don’t have to understand everything. That will take a lifetime. But mash up one little morsel for them to get into their soul. Some families have older children, middling, and little ones. Be aware of their needs. Mash up a little morsel for the little ones and ask some “T-bone steak” questions to the older ones.

Above all, remember your source of education is “of the Lord” and His Word. This is your parenting lifestyle (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Everything else is secondary.

Blessings from Nancy Campbell

Photo by Peter Mahar Photography. Taken from Doorposts.

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LovelyParentingLife with little ones can be overwhelming. Our children weren’t born perfect little angels and a lot of our mothering is teaching them how to live in this life instead of throwing tantrums and demanding their own way.

When raising our children, I found that if I was to discipline my children for everything little thing throughout the day I became a nervous wreck or a yelling and screaming mother. This is not how we are meant to mother. I believe we can save ourselves so much frustration by proactively mothering rather than letting it all happen around us.

It’s amazing the difference it makes to our children’s behavior when we have the right attitude. A joyful mother makes a joyful atmosphere. A fun-loving mother makes home life fun. A smiling mother encourages smiling children.

Many times, children become irritable and difficult because they are tired, bored, or just need some cuddle time with mother. Instead of getting upset and shouting at them to behave themselves, gather your children together and read them a story. I spent hours gathering my children around me and reading to them. Everyone of these times is another opportunity to cuddle and interact with your children.

I also decided that I would not discipline them for every childish thing. Children can be noisy, full of energy, break things, and just act like children. Well, isn’t that what they are? Children! Therefore, I overlooked much of their childishness. But, I disciplined for the important—disobedience, lies, anger, rebellion, and the things God hates. I did not stand for pouting and tantrums as they a lay a habit for that kind of attitude throughout their life.

I loved this passage I read recently in a novel I was reading. I rarely read a novel, except maybe on vacation, but recently I read one of George MacDonald’s novels which are full of biblical teaching all the way through. In “The Seaboard Parish,” the Rev. Harry Walton will soon be leaving his parish for another parish by the sea. He writes about two of his youngest boys:

“That morning rose gloriously. Harry and Charlie were turning the house upside down, to judge by their noise. . . . I never made much objection to mere noise, knowing that I could stop it the moment I pleased, and knowing too that so far from there being anything wrong in making a noise, the sea would make noise enough in our ears before we left Kilkhaven. But the moment that I heard a thread of whining or a burst or anger in the noise, I would interfere—treating these as things that must be dismissed at once.

“I listened to it (the noise) with a kind of reverence, as the outcome of a gladness which the GOD OF JOY (my capitalization) had kindled in their hearts. Soon after, however, I heard certain dim growls of expostulation from Harry, and having ground for believing that the elder was tyrannizing the younger, I sent Charlie to find out where the tide would be between one and two o’clock, and Harry to run to the top of the hill, to find out the direction of the wind. Before I was dressed, Charlie was knocking at my door with the news that it would be half tide about one. Harry speedily followed with the discovery that the wind was northeast by southwest, which determined the sun would shine all day.”

I loved the way he didn’t get upset with happy noise. I know that some parents are geared to not be able to stand noise and will parent according to their personality. For myself, I love to hear happy noise from children. I don’t mind their jumping around and shouts of laughter. My husband doesn’t find this easy and likes to keep things quieter, but I’m happy with joy and happiness, even if it’s loud.

I also loved the way he proactively dealt with his boys when they began to argue and disagree. Instead of storming in with a stick and yelling at them to stop, he gave them both something creative to do. Immediately, they obeyed, did something positive, and came back not remembering their argument.

As you mother today and face the challenges of imperfect children, be proactive, creative, and filled with the wisdom of the Lord. Don’t ever stand for disobedience, but distinguish between God’s commands and little childishness.

Have a lovely day,

Nancy Campbell

Painting: Available from: http://shop.kmberggren.com/Love_Ever_Afte…/loveeverafter.htm

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CannotBEThe humanistic worldview in our society makes mothers feel insignificant. They are told they should do something worthwhile with their lives. This is opposite to God’s plan. God designed women for the home--to raise His children in the home (yes, they are ultimately God’s children), to influence their children for God and His truth, and to make their home a sanctuary that is strong and secure against the storms of this life.

The words of Zechariah 13:7 also apply to motherhood: “Smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones.” Just as the shepherd is essential for the survival of his sheep and lambs, so mothers are indispensable for their children.

Satan’s plan is to smite motherhood and scatter the mother shepherds out of the home. When he lures mothers away from their home, he can then turn against “the little ones” and entice them to his thinking and ways.

It is sad that many have fallen for Satan’s trap. It is time for watchdog, protective, lion-like, standing strong, never-giving-into-deception mothers to arise. Mothers who will not be moved from their homes and who will guard their children and homes with all diligence.

Don’t be lured away, dear mother. No one, no matter how professional they are, can ever replace you, your children’s mother! You are more important than you realize.

Blessings to you today,

Nancy Campbell

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