We Reversed The Biggest Mistake In My Life!

I regretted my decision to go ahead with my tubal ligation the moment I awoke from the anesthetic. I had three beautiful children. The world was over-populated, so why did I feel so empty? Gradually my eyes were opened to the truth of overpopulation (not true!) and my guilt was taken away as I confessed and repented of this sin before God. He is the Creator, the Giver of life, and the One who opens and closes the womb.

While I did receive forgiveness, my regret remained and greatly intensified after the death of my husband and subsequent remarriage. My husband, Randy, accepted my "fixed" state with a sigh of relief. "If we get these three children raised, we'll be doing good," was his attitude. Thus, my request to have a reversal was denied.

Several years later The Way Home by Mary Pride was sent from Heaven to my husband. Randy wept through the book as he realized that as a Christian, and in spite of fighting for the unborn by blocking abortion clinic accesses, his own heart was hardened to receiving more blessings from God.

At that time we started filling out the mountains of papers required for adopting, Our precious children came to us over a period of 19 months. They came from India, Indiana, and Romania. At one point we had four children aged three and under, with three in diapers. My heart and arms were full, and yet I still desired to be made whole again.

In November 1993, on a wonderful snow machine ride into the mountains with my husband, I again tearfully pled my case for a reversal.

At the age of 42, with my original surgery 14 years previous, I knew my "chances" of conceiving were not good. But as a child of God, I had seen my Father answer many a tough request. My heart longed for my body to be restored as much as God would bless, whether I conceived a child or not. My husband - once a bachelor and marrying a widow with three children, then a father happily adopting four more - this time understood. God had indeed turned the heart of this father to his children.


In January 1994, I underwent reversal surgery in Texas by Dr. Albert Rath. I wasn't even his oldest patient! I awoke from surgery this time with tears also, but these tears were tears of joy as I realized that we had actually reversed the biggest mistake in my life.

The excitement that God could, if He chose, create a new little life in me, added a new dimension to our marriage. Six months later (and 14 years after my tubal ligation), God opened my womb to cradle a precious baby boy, whom nine people longed to hold until his birth on March 23 1995.

Seth Abram was welcomed into this world in the nicest way possible. After 10 hours of back labor, praise music, prayer, hot tub relaxation, children's kisses and backrubs, Seth left his sheltered nest and entered the arms of his loving family and midwives. He never cried but looked straight into his papa's eyes.

Praise God, He is the Creator, the Restorer, the Miracle Worker.

Copper Center, Alaska, USA

Randy and Debbie’s eight children are: Matt (22), Bethany (19), Mary (17), Grace Anna (9), Simon (8), Jeremiah (8), Reuben (7) and Seth (2).

Written January 1997.

One child since reversal.


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