How Many Is Too Many?

I was very excited to be carrying our first child and had prepared to deliver naturally. My first born was a little stubborn and was three weeks late. My Doctor decided to induce, even though I had heard it could increase my chances of a c-section. I was terrified of the possibility of a c-section.

I labored for 12 hours and never progressed passed a fingertip. Her heart rate was dropping and my doctor suggested a c-section. At 22 I was young and uneducated about medical practices and agreed to go ahead.

My second child was 9 lbs. 9 oz. at two weeks early. They knew he was big and my doctor said I would probably not have been able to deliver a baby over 8 lbs. because the shape of my cervix-so they performed another c-section.

While pregnant with my third child, the doctor told me about the possibility of a VBAC. I thought about it but did not have peace. Little did we know that the cord was wrapped twice around her neck?

I had now had three c-sections and doctors strongly suggested no more. However, God was working on my heart and the desire for another baby was very strong. This time my doctor did not give me the option to deliver vaginally because he was afraid my uterus would be too thin and I may rupture. When I delivered my fourth child, the doctor nicked him in the head with the scalpel during the delivery. He was shocked at how thin it was. He said it was like a piece of saran wrap over the baby.

The doctor told my husband it would be too risky for me to have any more children and strongly suggested I should have my tubes tied. I was devastated and was grieving the thought of not being able to carry and nurse another blessing. You see, after my fourth child, God changed my heart about letting Him plan our family and shortly thereafter my husband's heart changed also. We decided to fully trust God and prayed that He would strengthen and repair my uterus.

I was soon pregnant with twins that I miscarried at 10 weeks and later a little girl at 10 weeks also. We prayed and asked God to bless us again. Our faith was strong and we knew God was totally in control. God blessed us with our fifth child and again I delivered by c-section.

Our sixth baby was also born by c-section. He was a big baby too. My doctor again suggested we quit, but my heart kept saying, "Trust the Lord" and we did. We went to an Above Rubies Family Camp and I asked Nancy to pray over my uterus and ask the Lord to bless and strengthen it. Our faith never wavered, even though most people thought we were crazy and that we were not considering the children I already had at home by putting my health at risk again.

I went on to have three more children by c-section and I am still hoping for more children. My uterus was no thinner than it had been and remained strong to hold these little blessings. I must say that both of my doctors are believers and they know we pray for them as well as my health. I share my testimony to give God the glory for all of these children He has blessed us with, no matter how they arrived. I fully believe God is able.

And our children are great gifts.


Lincolnton, Georgia, USA

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Larry and Melanie are blessed 9 children and 3 waiting in heaven--Lyndsie (23) and her husband Daniel, Chandler (21), Kendyl (19), Madison (15), Ansley (11), Garrison (9),

Braxton (7), Jackson (4) and Ellyn (2)-as at mid 2010. Lyndsie is not able to have children due to cancer, but is adopting a little girl, Aubrey Ann in November, 2010.


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