In 1992, I found out that I was expecting my second child. My first, Seth Christian, was barely two, and I was delighted that they would be close. However, my body, the baby’s cocoon, was less than a perfect environment.

My family doctor monitored my chronically-low white blood cell count, a condition called nuetrophylia. I woke everyday with a fever. I could barely take care of little Seth. Fatigue and fever drained me.

After numerous blood tests, they found that I was carrying a virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV). I researched the library book concerning CMV--blindness, deafness and profound retardation. I am usually tempted to worry, but the Heavenly Father gave me peace. In my heart, I was sure that everything was going to be alright.

The fever persisted every day for eleven weeks. My obstetrician, a believer, referred me to another obstetrician who took high risk cases. At one of the appointments, he asked my husband and me to come into his office.

“We don’t know if the virus has gone from your blood into the baby’s blood. We need to discuss the fact that it may be best for you to have an abortion,” he said.

“No,” my husband said firmly, “We don’t need to discuss it.”

“But you need to know the possible complications if you don’t have an abortion,” added the obstetrician.

“Abortion is not something we are willing to consider,” I told him, and with that he never spoke of it again.

The baby continued to grow and I went from a petite to a size large. The day approached for the baby’s arrival and the specialist’s concern grew as the amount of amniotic fluid seemed less than it should be. Low amniotic fluid is an indicator of an abnormality.

Finally, on May 6, 1996, Summer Gabrielle was born after twelve hours of labor. “She’s beautiful,” my obstetrician announced. And she really is. Summer has a big loving heart, a zest for life and wants to please Jesus. She plays soccer, plays the violin, and has a great time with her friends and three brothers.

I remember rocking her when we came home from the hospital while wet, warm tears dripped off my cheeks. I had so much love and gratitude that I could not contain it. Her life, in one appointment, was saved by two parents who were willing to love a child, regardless of her health or mental ability.


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