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By Pearl Barrett

Honey remember that one July
They told us our baby may not survive
And I was scared to trust
You were strong for both of us
Honey remember how hard you prayed
I had to lean on your strength everyday
Do you know it’s a beautiful thing to me
To watch you rock that little boy to sleep

God gave you to me darlin’
And He knew exactly what I needed
God gave you to me darlin’
Maybe it’s been too much of a secret
That I’m thankful for you baby… oh, so very thankful

Honey remember that Christmas time
You were out of work, we hardly had a dime
I knew that had to sting, you longed to give us everything
Honey remember we made it through, God was only
Growing me and you
Do you know that I feel like the richest girl
Your love your strength is worth more than the world


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