Children never outgrow the desire to hear words of praise and affirmation from you, do they? I really noticed this the other night, when Cam and I took our oldest 4 (of 11) out for dinner. They are 21, 19, 18, and 15 years old.

They each groaned and looked somewhat mortified when I said I was going to speak a blessing to each one of them right there at the restaurant table.

I proceeded to tell them, one at a time, specific ways that they have been blessing me. I told them things I am proud of in their lives, and things that impress me about them. I spoke of things that I loved and adored about each one of them too.

Although they all originally thought it was a horrible idea, and I know that I put them on the spot, and way out of their comfort zone, I also know it was well worth it. I sure had their complete attention, and their eye contact when I spoke. All their ears just perked right up!

What a great reminder for me, as truthfully, more of what proceeds from my mouth to my children is correction, teaching, and training, rather than praise and adoration. This is especially true with the older ones.

I learned a valuable lesson. If I really want anyone's attention, I need to bless and affirm them, and they will be truly listening! Perk up the ears in your house today, even if it takes someone out of their comfort zone! Love Michelle +1

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