Babies, with their helpless dependence on us for survival, and children with their constant needs, are so easy to nurture. It comes quite naturally and so willingly from us. Yet nurturing means so much more than raising, rearing and supporting the young. Spouses and marriages need nurturing, our spiritual lives need nurturing, and in fact, every relationship that we have needs nurturing. It is easy to nurture our babies and children, but we must not neglect to nurture our other relationships as well. Today is a great day to take time to nurture every person that crosses our path, no matter how old and independent they may be. We will have an amazing day too, as we focus on nurturing (encouraging, strengthening, promoting, stimulating, boosting, cultivating) all of our relationships. There is always blessing in loving, serving and encouraging others. As we pour ourselves out, we are in turn miraculously filled. Love Michelle

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