Each one of us are establishing and building a family. I know that your purpose is to build a home for God.

David wanted to build a house for the Lord that was "exceeding magnificent" (1 Chronicles 22:5). Shouldn't we have this same vision, too? Why build something ordinary for God? Shouldn't we build the best home we possibly can for Him, for ultimately our home should be His home.

Can you get a vision to build an "exceeding magnificent" home? I am not talking about a mansion with expensive decor. I am talking about the atmosphere and presence of God in the home.

Let' seek to build a home that is...

exceedingly magnificent in godliness
exceedingly magnificent in the beauty of order and simplicity
exceedingly magnificent in the disciplines of prayer and love for God's Word
exceedingly magnificent in peace and harmony
exceedingly magnificent in joy and laughter
exceedingly magnificent with the awareness of the presence of God.

Of course, this won't just happen. David worked hard to make preparation to build God's home. The Bible says he prepared abundantly.

Let's go all out in our building program.

Love from Nancy

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