I started out mothering by listening to the “good advice” from people around me. I was told I should wait four hours between feeding my baby. But he couldn’t wait four hours. I was told I should train him to sleep through the night. Oh how frustrated I was. I loved by baby, but oh this motherhood was painful!

Then I read a statement by a doctor that was my lifesaver.

“There is more in a mother’s intuition than all the books you’ll ever read.”

Praise the Lord, I didn’t have to listen to all the “old wives’ tales.” I could listen to the maternal intuition that God put within me. I was free to respond to my baby. I could nurse him when he cried! I could bring him to bed and let him sleep with me. What bliss! What freedom.

Forget all the books. Forget all the humanistic advice. Listen to God. Listen to your mothering heart. It will release you to be the greatest mother to your baby and your children.

Love from Nancy

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