Unless we have been successfully indoctrinated by humanist and feminist dogma, it is inherent within us to love being at home. God created the first home, the Garden of Eden, to be ready for Eve when He created her. He placed her in her home, in the environment He intended for her destiny. The Hebrew for Eden means “delight.” We should delight in working in our garden and our home. It is our sanctuary to raise our children in this dark world.

We read in Micah 2:9 that God was indignant about women being taken from their “pleasant homes.” Most translations read, “The homes they love.” It is feminine to love being at home. The Hebrew word means “delicate and delightful.” The mother brings softness and sweetness to the home. She creates the warm and loving atmosphere. Without the mother in the home, it is stark and cold. And once again, we have the word “delightful” relating to the home.

Take joy in delighting in your home today. Delight in nurturing your children. Delight in spoiling your husband. Delight in making your home a delightful place to live—for your husband, your children, yourself, and everyone who comes in your doors!

Love from Nancy

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