Have moments of prayer been part of your daily mothering? Whatever need arises, you don’t have to think what to do. You already know. Pray.

We need to constantly be ready to give thanks, too. Whenever something good happens, thank the Lord. Thank Him out loud. I don’t want to be like the nine lepers who never bothered to thank Jesus for their healing, do you? Only one took the time.

It’s so good to get into the habit of thankfulness. Establish this habit in your children. There are so many little things that happen throughout the day for which we can thank the Lord. Remind your children to thank the Lord, too.

This last week we had two big opportunities for praise. We have had no rain for so long and everything is parched and dry. The bans were on throughout Tennessee for no grilling and no fire works on July 4th. You can imagine how the children were praying for rain?

God was good. Two days before July 4th we had a huge downpour of rain which only came down on our county. We praised and thanked the Lord for the rain.

But, it was more than rain. It was a thunderstorm too. Jireh, Evangeline’s son came running in from the storm, slid, and hurt his knee. He stopped to recover on their deck and was hit with the lightning. Evangeline and the girls were even stunned inside their home. But, once again, God did a miracle and he is totally fine. And, we had our huge fireworks as usual on July 4th. Praise the Lord.

Love from Nancy

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