Speaking of making decisions based on temporary and forever fluctuating feelings, I overheard a pregnant woman talking with her friend the other day. She was in her final weeks of pregnancy with her second child, and she said she was going to tie her tubes after delivery. Well, these are statements you do not want to make in my earshot range! Even though I was a complete stranger, I quickly intercepted their conversation and told her why that would be the last thing she would ever want to do. I soon had the attention of several listeners, both male and female, and I had to pull out our family picture to lend credence to my claims. My husband couldn't help but smile. I suppose this is what Above Rubies ministry looks like on the ground, in day to day life.
I do not know if she will tie her tubes or not, but she sure has plenty more to think about now, and I am sure that our conversation will not soon be forgotten. Love Michelle



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