I woke up this morning to a really messy kitchen, and as I washed up the dishes, I actually felt really pleased instead of annoyed. We have a large family with many different schedules, so our kitchen is in constant motion. That means it gets messy outside of regular meal times. Some people start their day at 4am, 5:30am, 6am or later. Some finish work at 10 pm, or end class at 7pm and still need dinner. The important thing about this is that the whole family still lives here, sharing the same house, and sharing some meals together. The day will come soon enough when our family will change, as our adult children marry and move into homes of their own. I will enjoy this precious season of still being together with thankfulness. I will deal with the mess that all the different schedules bring with gladness. Each season passes so quickly, I want to enjoy them all without grumbling. Enjoy the season your family is in too, as just like spring or summer, it will pass before you know it! Love Michelle

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