I have been speaking lately about the land that flows with milk and honey. I take the descriptions that God gave of the physical land of Israel and relate them to the land of motherhood that God has brought us into. I noticed again this morning in Jeremiah 2:7 that God says, "I brought you into the fruitful land to eat its fruit and its good things. But you came and defiled my land."

God intends your land of wifehood and motherhood to be a fruitful and good land. There are so many wonderful blessings to possess. (I'll share with you some of the blessings in another post). When we embrace all the "fruits and rich bounty" that God has provided we will live in His blessings.

God's plan for the land of motherhood is good, but we have do it His way. When we think our way is better we end up in confusion.

Isn't it sad that many despise the land of motherhood? They leave the land to find other lands, but in doing this, they leave behind the blessing of God, for His blessing is in the land, not out of the land.

Love from Nancy

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