Our family was reading Genesis 16, and I was suddenly inspired by Hagar. She knew that she was pregnant, and the angel of the Lord confirmed it in the desert, when she had fled from Sarai. The angel said to her, regarding her unborn son in verse 12, "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him". Wow! What a hard thing to hear as a pregnant momma. Just think how many mothers nowadays would say, "Forget it! I don't want a child like that! I choose to abort!" Not Hagar. Hagar responded with complete awe that she survived seeing "the God who sees". She didn't complain and grumble. She worshipped, went home and gave birth. I was struck by her obedience, and her stamina. Many of us worry and complain unfoundedly over even the slightest difficulty with our children. Hagar knew she would have a difficult child even before she held him, yet she did not dismay. Few of us will have such a child as that. I found her attitude so inspiring. May we face any difficulties that come our way with the same resolve. Love Michelle

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