Are you weighed down by a heavy burden today? Maybe it is a trauma you are facing. Or perhaps it is the accumulation of many little worries and problems that add up to a big burden? Are you going to keep carrying this load around? It makes you so tired, you can hardly get through the day. You can’t mother effectively when you are weighed down. You are handicapped. God knows this, and therefore tells us to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us” (Hebrew 12:1).

Do you notice that this Scripture tells us to lay it aside? “I have to cast it aside?” you ask. Yes, it actually means “to strip it off.” Take some action. Come to Jesus. Come to the foot of the cross and throw down your burden. Don’t hang on to it. Sometimes we are tempted to hang on to it so we have something to groan and complain about. What a delusion.

Let it go and look to Jesus. He showed us the way. He endured the cross and the shame because of the joy set before Him. When you take your eyes off the burden and lift your eyes to Him, He will give you new perspective and show you His eternal plan.

Now you can run your race. Now you’ll have energy. Now you can keep going to the finishing line.

Love from Nancy
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