21. Make memories with your wife and family. Surprise her!

Men, life can become so routine, for ourselves, as well as our wife and family. In order to make memories we need to break with the normal routine.

Surprises make memories!

Take your wife for a pleasant walk somewhere. Fast walking is not conducive to fellowship; therefore remember to stroll hand in hand, or arm in arm--a nice walk in a park, around a lake, or in the woods (although I have to confess that it is hard to get my wife to take a stroll--she likes to walk fast!) Take time to sit down somewhere on a park bench to chat, or find a private spot in the woods to cuddle and kiss (my wife won't say No to that!).

Bring home flowers or something special she really likes to eat. Think of unexpected surprises which will generate pleasant memories.

Take time from your normal routine to spend a romantic night in a nice motel nearby. Include a romantic meal as well. It doesn't have to be far away, or expensive, but you will be creating lovely memories.

Family vacations are always create great memories. Go somewhere different. Try to be more adventurous. Be more creative. Start making plans today.

Be encouraged to think about your first surprise! Colin
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