Do the conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans have the fortitude to stand up for what they really believe about abortion, especially when they do not want to offend women in this election?

The big question right now in the Republican party is whether abortion is legitimate in cases of rape. Our president, in order to score points among women voters, is weighing in as the great advocate for women's rights declaring that "Rape is rape." He goes on to say that because rape is evil, abortion is the right of women and they should chose what should be done.

He does not say, "Abortion is abortion" and that it is also an evil. He has no fear of God on this subject. He believes that the innocent baby in the womb should be murdered. If the little innocent baby happens to be a girl, he certainly does not represent the rights of women.

I personally know of a very beautiful girl who is the consequence of rape and I am sure there are countless others who had mothers who feared God enough to go through such a pregnancy.

I personally believe that Representative Todd Akin of Missouri should stand his ground and let the chips fall where they fall. The fear of God knows no compromise, not even at election time. Of course, we must not be judgmental or condemning toward any victim of rape, but two wrongs do not make a right.

This country has offended God greatly and abortion is one of our greatest offences.

The question comes down to this: do we risk offending God more than we risk fearing women voters, especially at elections.

I believe that this country needs God on our side more than ever.

Be encouraged. Colin
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