The ninth principle in Family Devotions is to pray about what you read from the Scriptures. Prayer is the key which enables God’s Word to benefit the inner man of the heart. Some call this “pray reading.” I personally receive great benefit from the Scriptures as I pray read them in own personal life. I believe we should never read the Word without making it a matter for prayer.

As we read the Word, we should seek the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment on what it means and how we should pray about it. In this way, the Scriptures become a great resource for payer.

In family Devotions, it is a good thing for the father of the family to emphasize one important aspect in the daily reading for the whole family to pray about. It is better to pray earnestly about one thing rather than “overload” the children by having too many things to pray about.

During Family Devotions, the father should also ask each member of the family if they noticed anything in the daily reading they feel we should pray about. This helps to keep up their spiritual antennas and keep them alert.

Be encouraged. Colin

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